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Store Management System  v.1.0

Store Management System is a ASP.NET application that will manage individual retails store and integration with central system.

Video Store Management System  v.0.94

VOMIT (Videostore Online Management InTerface) is an administration system for video/music stores. Users can view, stock items w/ covers over the net, while the shop owner has all the tools to make the day-to-day store operations intuitive and

Course Feedback System  v.1.0

A php based web application that can be used for submitting feedback about courses in a college/university. It also manages profiles of students and professors.

Primus - Store Automation System  v.1.0

The propose of the project is to offer an commercial automation system to improve the life-cicle of buying and selling in commercial places.

Opportunistic E-Mail-Security-System  v.1.0

Securing mails without involving user. Secures them as often as possible if it is possible. Shows security-state and process of mails and mail-partners.

High speed carrier grade data store  v.1.0

A high speed data store to store the system state of network and telecommunication switches.

OTRS - Open Ticket Request System  v.1.0

OTRS (also well known as trouble ticket system) with many features to manage customer telephone calls and e-mails. The system is built to allow your support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, helpdesk, etc.

Atomic  v.0.9.3

Firefox extension for creating and manipulating atom feeds Atomic is an Atom protocol client that will help you create and manipulate Atom feeds (e.g. blogs). System requirements: - Firefox: 1.5 A?

Bagley: Greylisting for Exim 4  v.0.03

E-mail greylisting system implemented as a freestanding executable suitable for use with Exim 4, using MySQL database

BlueOxygen Saphire  v.1.0

BlueOxygen Saphire is an e-office automation system. Developer using BlueOxygen Cimande. FEatures: - Minutes of Meeting with Approval - Expense

Designer Framework  v.1.0

A framework for highly customisable e-commerce: A system for automatically build an e-commerce interface supporting products contraints and

OSGMM  v.0.9

OSGMM, the Open Science Grid Match Maker, is a match maker which sits on top of the OSG Client software stack. It gets site information from ReSS and uses a feedback system with Condor to publish the site information and keep job success history

XTarsier  v.1.0

An XPath enabled file explorer (similar to Windows Explorer), i.e. a file system explorer with an XPath query facility.

Extended Distributed Lock Manager  v.1.0

It is a Distributed Lock Manager For Linux based clusters. It provides fine granular and coarse granular locking (Six different Locking modes). Providing both Asynchronous (e.g.Asynchronous System Trap, AST) and synchronous kind of locking mechanisms,

C-Vend  v.1.0

C-Vend is a PHP & mySQL based online store application. cShop aims to provide an easy to manage, fully customizable, and robust store management system.

Bigraphspace  v.1.0

A Java library and supporting modelling/execution tools that combine Robin Milner's formal Bigraph model with the indirect communication abstraction of Gelernter's tuple-space, i.e. a coordination system based on bigraphs.

Fastsell Point Of Sale Zenned  v.1.0

Zen Cart store version runs as stand alone store POS System. Also runs simultaneously online with broadband using same database. Processes CC orders with PayPal or other payment processor. All the features of Zen Cart on a POS system. Real time UPS

Automatic Mail Filer  v.1.0

An e-mail filing system that will automatically sort an incoming e-mail message to the appropriate folder by learning the user's mail folders contents. Will also include an option to correct errors in filing.

IDVR - IDentiti VeRification for email  v.1.0

An effort to develop an E-mail verification system that would make it impossible for people to get away spoofing other people's E-mail identities without permission to do so.

UAS_EasyProvider  v.1.0

Done using PHP and FireBird database, will let the small Internet Providers to manage the domains, whether to manage the customer relationships (i.e. store domains with expire date, renewal costs, etc.) and/or the server settings (httpd.conf, etc.)

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